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Byblos Hospitality Group With Royse Furniture

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Products Supplied

Byblos Group (BHG) is a set of cosmopolitan hotels, restaurants, and catering services in Dubai for over 42 years. The BHG brand strives to provide quality services and deliver what is promised with efficiency - always.

  • Byblos Mamzar Hotel
  • Bright airy rooms, with carpeted floor and light decor.
  • 152 rooms

In line with their high quality and efficiency theme, the Royse Furnishing Solutions to Byblos was aligned with this principle. Our products were light in color, and modern in their approach.

  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Corridor furniture
  • Lobby furniture 


Personalized Designs

With our team of experts, we will work with the aesthetic of your space to come up with fully customized designs best suited for you. 

End-to-End Execution

Our factory can create any product based on the solution you choose. No matter how big the order, we can deliver with our very own fleet, on time, every time.  

Quality Assurance

We have an exclusive Quality Control Team to ensure International Standards of Production and Execution. 

Schedule a Consultation With Our Design Experts

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